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Looking Back on 30 Years of Agricultural Conservation

Conservation Technology Information Center celebrated its 30th anniversary on October 25, 2012, by looking back and looking forward to the future of agricultural conservation. Bruce served on the panel discussion, “Looking Back on 30 Years of Agricultural Conservation.” See the full news release about the event here.

Lots to Lose: How America’s Health and Obesity Crisis Threatens our Economic Future

The Bipartisan Policy Center released “Lots to Lose: How America’s Health and Obesity Crisis Threatens our Economic Future,” a comprehensive report developed as part of its Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative to address the alarming rates of obesity and chronic disease in our country. A bipartisan group of former Agriculture and Health and Human Service […]

Nebraska Agriculture: Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Opportunites

Bruce was honored to speak at the 2012 Governor’s Ag Conference in Nebraska. A summary of his remarks about the 2012 farm bill were featured in the KearneyHub.

Forum on Agriculture and Adaptation

On Friday, November 18, Bruce facilitated and particpated in the “Forum on Agriculture and Adaptation: Farm Production, Risk Management, Food Security and Changes in Weather and Climate” sponsored by the Bipartisan Policy Center, the US Department of Agriculture, and the Farm Journal Foundation/Feeding the World. The event brought scientific experts, agricultural researchers, food security experts, […]

Conservation Options for Future Farm Policy

Bruce served as a panelist at the November Farm Foundation® Forum focused on conservation options for future farm policy. Bruce shared his 10-10-10 plan as well as several other ideas for moving conservation forward. Listen to audio of the forum with comments by Bruce and the other panelists.

National Agricultural Landscapes Forum

Bruce participated in the National Agricultural Landscapes Forum sponsored by American Farmland Trust, Farm Foundation and Natural Resources Conservation Service. The forum was the culmination of six regional meetings across the country and provided the opportunity for discussion about how to improve agricultural conservation policies and outcomes in the context of tight budgets, the need […]

Ag Connect Town Hall Meeting

Bruce Knight moderated the Ag Connect Town Hall Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on “Modern Agriculture’s Shrinking Environmental Footprint.” Today it is “politically correct” to bash modern agriculture as harmful to the environment but society must consider the ecological impact of trying to feed nearly seven billion people today, and over 9 billion in 2050, using […]

Knight as RFD-TV Guest

Bruce Knight was Mark Oppold’s featured guest on RFD-TV’s “Commodity Wrap” speaking about conservation programs, trade, regulatory programs and climate change. Knight answered a myriad of questions from producers around the country on this hour long call-in show.