News and Notes

Conservation: Increasing Drought Resilience

Bruce writes about his concern for keeping an eye on the long-term when faced with short-term crisis in his August Agri-Pulse opinion piece. Read his post here about why we shouldn't cut conservation programs for farmers in order to pay for short-term drought relief. ... Read More >

Back to the Future: Cover Crops Make a Comeback

Read Bruce's thoughts on expanding the use of cover crops in his August Agri-Pulse opinion piece. ... Read More >

2012 Farm Bill: Striking the Right Balance

There are many competing priorities to be balanced in the next farm bill. Bruce writes about striking the best possible balance between farming and ranching and structuring conservation programs as well as risk management programs as we realign farm programs with 21st Century priorities of producing food to feed the world. Read Bruce's July Agri-Pulse opinion piece here. ... Read More >

Welcome Fey!

Fey EganStrategic Conservation Solutions is pleased to welcome Fey Egan as a summer intern in our DC office. Fey is an OSU graduate student in forest hydrology with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in forest engineering. She is participating this summer in an internship program and class on advocacy i ... Read More >

2012 Farm Bill: Continuing Conservation Compliance

Read Bruce's latest Agri-Pulse opinion piece about the necessity of tying conservation compliance to crop insurance. ... Read More >