• Public Relations

    SCS offers advice and counsel on how issues will be perceived to policymakers and to other stakeholders.

  • Government Relations

    SCS works with clients to identify goals and develop lobbying strategies to influence the legislative or regulatory process.

  • Interest Group Outreach

    SCS works with not only with policy makers, but with policy influencers, including think tanks, NGOs, issue area experts, and the media to create awareness and coalitions to achieve clients’ needs.

  • Policy Development

    SCS assists clients by formulating policy and analyzing legislative and regulatory proposals. SCS also maintains consistent and regular communication with congressional staff and federal officials on issues and developments relating to clients’ interests.

  • Strategic Counsel

    SCS provides vision, innovation and strategic counsel to clients to create opportunities and solve problems.

Strategic Conservation Solutions, LLC (SCS) is a specialized consulting firm providing advocacy, visioning and strategic positioning to firms and associations in the areas of agriculture, conservation, environment and technology. SCS offers common sense conservation solutions where conservation doesn’t cost money, but pays.