What Others Are Saying

“Wow! Bruce was a great way to end a week packed with some very good speakers and a whirlwind of activity. Our class really related well to Bruce. He really sees the big picture and told us what he feels agriculture and specifically our group should do or at least how to approach some issues.”

“Very entertaining and full of knowledge. Was not afraid to answer questions. Would highly recommend retaining him as a speaker.”

“I like visionaries and Bruce is visionary. Thank you for having him as our last speaker after a day of doom, gloom and short term lack of profitability in all sectors of the agricultural sphere.”

“Mr. Knight did an excellent job; we were presented some rather bleak information by a few speakers; he turned that around and focused on the good things that are going on in South Dakota. This was an excellent way to send us home.”

“This man talked from his heart. What a great job of stirring our brains on where the future lies for ag in the United States.”