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No Change, But Plenty of Challenge

Bruce’s post-election analysis was published today on the Agri-Pulse website.

Food & Fuel: Both/And NOT Either/Or

Read Bruce’s Agri-Pulse opinion piece about why the debate over reducing the use of corn for fuel when supplies are tight.

Policy Matters: Outlook 2013 “Election Matters”

See the “Policy Matters: Outlook 2013” feature in the 4th quarter issue of the Syngenta Thrive magazine for comments from Bruce and others in the agricultural policy arena about the impact of this year’s elections.

Conservation: Increasing Drought Resilience

Bruce writes about his concern for keeping an eye on the long-term when faced with short-term crisis in his August Agri-Pulse opinion piece. Read his post here about why we shouldn’t cut conservation programs for farmers in order to pay for short-term drought relief.

Back to the Future: Cover Crops Make a Comeback

Read Bruce’s thoughts on expanding the use of cover crops in his August Agri-Pulse opinion piece.

2012 Farm Bill: Striking the Right Balance

There are many competing priorities to be balanced in the next farm bill. Bruce writes about striking the best possible balance between farming and ranching and structuring conservation programs as well as risk management programs as we realign farm programs with 21st Century priorities of producing food to feed the world. Read Bruce’s July Agri-Pulse […]

2012 Farm Bill: Continuing Conservation Compliance

Read Bruce’s latest Agri-Pulse opinion piece about the necessity of tying conservation compliance to crop insurance.

Lots to Lose: How America’s Health and Obesity Crisis Threatens our Economic Future

The Bipartisan Policy Center released “Lots to Lose: How America’s Health and Obesity Crisis Threatens our Economic Future,” a comprehensive report developed as part of its Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative to address the alarming rates of obesity and chronic disease in our country. A bipartisan group of former Agriculture and Health and Human Service […]

Making the Most of Manure

Converting animal waste to methane to energy doesn’t generally produce a lot of excitement. Usually, mentioning manure just leads to a ho-hum or even a snicker. But more people should be more interested in making more energy from manure. Read what else Bruce has to say about this topic in his April Agri-Pulse opinion piece […]

2012 Farm Bill: Managing Risk Wisely

Shallow loss? Deep loss? Keeping the status quo? Read Bruce’s latest Agri-Pulse opinion piece with his thoughts about “Managing Risk Wisely” as the Senate Ag Committee prepares for its fourth and likely final Farm Bill hearing, to be focused on Risk Management and Commodities in the 2012 Farm Bill.